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Hey guys, welcome to the little wiki for our 6 month and running campaign! We’ve been to all types of planets, space stations and sectors and met all sorts of different type of people from Jedi Masters, to First Order Inquisitors to Sith Lords and beyond!

It can be tough to remember everyone, and every planet that we have some sort of history with, and that’s exactly what this wiki is for, well also for me to use while GMing, but you can use it too :)



This section goes over every planet we’ve visited and a small overview of our time there



This section talks about the different organizations our characters have ran into or heard about in our little universe of Star wars



This section talks about the creatures our characters have met and what they know of them

Special Items


This section talks about the special weapons, armor, crystals and oddities found during our time in the Star Wars universe.

Main Page

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