Hutt Cartel


The Hutt Cartel was the largest dealer in spice and illegal goods before the rise of the Galactic Order

Led by 5 Hutts, each from a major Kajidic, the Hutt cartel was synonymous with power.

Deal With The Resistance

Marek Arendis and his partner Fas Otonos second mission together was an escort mission, escorting resistance general Tiundi Lottari to work a deal with Cartel.

They managed to uncover a traitor among the Hutt leaders, and gave their information to them, solidifying a deal with the Cartel for weapons, equipment, supplies and information.

This deal would be the basis for the Resistance for the next couple years.

The disappearance.

There was a strange event that happened a few months before the Yuuzhan Vong war.

The entire planet of Nar Shaddaa was emptied, and the leaders of the Hutt Cartel vanished.

The mandalorians later attack the black sun members who were investigating, and are largely thought to be behind the Crime Lords disappearance.

The Hutt Cartels current location and status is unknown.

Hutt Cartel

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