The New Sith Empire


The Rise of The New Sith Empire

The New Sith Empire was started by a man who went by the name, Darth Leon. He liberated a number of orphanages that trained up kidnapped, young Force Sensitives to be Assassins.

But instead of setting them free, returning them to their families, he decided to keep the operation going, choosing to instead indoctrinate them with the philosophies of the Sith.

After 25 years of this, he had an army, an entire empire, full of both soldiers and Sith.

Leons Reign

Leon first ran into Fas, Marek Arendis and Zill upon Nar Shaddaa. He felt the strength and power of the group, especially in the force, but let them be, hoping they would eventually join his empire.

Leon never imagined that not only was his old master Ryu Fisto, alive, but that those 2 powerful force users would meet more powerful sensitives and then meet Ryu Fisto.

The training of the group by the Jedi Master enraged Leon, and he grew afraid of what they could accomplish.


He led an attack on the group, when they traveled to Tython to recieve thier lightsabers. What Leon did not realize, was his apprentice, Tal Remnar, was seeking to overthrow him and this was the moment.

Once Leon and a small amount of sith troopers landed on the planet, Remnar left his Master there, stranding him on the planet and hoping he would be defeated by his old Master.

His death came by the hand of his old master, Ryu Fisto and his new students.

Remnar’s Reign

Under Remnar, the Sith began prepare for the arrival of the Yuuzhan Vong, a war faring race from another galaxy.

About a year after the death of his master, a surprising group of people landed on Korriban and sought to join. The Crew of the Celestial Sparrow, alongside his second in command, then spy, Farad Shapah

He gave the stipulation that they would have to give up the location to the Resistanc HQ, and when they obliged an attack was immediately launched against the planet of D’Quar, capturing General Organa and Ackbar, who would later be killed during counter attack by the Resistance.

D’quar was destroyed, and the Resistance were wiped out, aside from 2 secret bases on Tython and Kashyyyk.

Yuuzhan Vong War

Once the war started, things went poorly. Remnar found his armada forced back to Korriban, and one of his most powerful weapons, the Crew of the Celestial Sparrow, missing.

He was forced to make an alliance with Grand Admiral Thrawn and the First Order. Eventually the crew of the sparrow re-emerged, and a counter attack was launched against the Vong who attack the Sith Empires homeworld of Korriban.

The Fall of the New Sith Empire

The Crew of the Sparrow were able to take out the Vong leader, and the war was about to be won, when Grand Admiral Thrawn turned on the Resistance and Sith.

The sith ships were quickly dispatched, and Remnar fell alongside Farad Shapah and the rest of his Sith, when the First Order fleet bombarded their mountain base on the surface.

The New Sith Empire

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