Wookie Jedi Guardian



Yundarr cares about life. He will do anything to protect his kin, friends and all who are in need of help.


Yundarr was a young Wookie during the height of the Clone Wars. After the Clone Wars ended he was captured from his home world of Kashyyyk and taken away from his family by a group of ravenous slavers.

After a few years of captivity he finally managed to break free from his prison bonds and steal a ship. With no knowledge of where he was, he ran; fleeing for his life, in search of his way home.

In an attempt to recapture their prize, the slavers pursued Yundarr, a firefight ensued. Yundarr’s vessel was badly damaged in the fight; so he flew toward the nearest inhabited planet. At spotting the Empire’s ships in orbit, the slavers veered off. They felt the Wookie wasn’t worth the potential trouble.

A New Beginning

Yundarr wakes, dazed and confused looking out the cracked window at the bright suns in the sky, and the vast desert all around him. He had heard of this place. A planet full of crooks, people of all shades, shapes, and sizes. He was on Tatooine.

He walked for many hours under the hot suns. Desperate to find shelter from the sweltering heat. As evening fell he began to feel weak. He saw an area ahead full of rocky crags and walked toward it, thinking maybe, just maybe there would be a place to cool off…

Yundarr woke to hear a man’s voice; soft, friendly, yet demanding of acknowledgement. “Are you alright?”. Yundarr’s eyes opened, he saw a human male standing over him; with greying hair, a beard, and piercing blue eyes. “My name is “Ben”, what’s yours?”.

The beginning of the rest of his life. This “Ben” nurtured Yundarr back to health, and told him many war stories, tales of love, loss, brotherhood, and betrayals. Yundarr was intrigued by all Ben had told him. Yundarr could sense something from Ben, something he hadn’t felt since the Clone Wars. Yundarr found out that Ben’s name was actually Obi-Wan Kenobi: a general from the Clone Wars, a hero, a Jedi.

Training Under A Legend

Obi-Wan told Yundarr that the reason he could sense the power with him due to his being “force sensitive” as well. Obi-Wan began training Yundarr in the ways of a Jedi, teaching him how to conceal his power, how to wield a lightsaber, and how to use the force.

A few years passed…Yundarr was a natural brawler, an excellent swordsman. Before long he was able to hold his own against his master. However his abilities with the force took more work, training was difficult, and full of frustration on the part of Yundarr, but Obi-Wan was a patient master. Looking over at his apprentice with a smile. They had become good friends.

One day when the two were in town to gather supplies they overheard some smugglers talking. They made mention of the Empire hunting down Jedi, heading in the direction of Kashyyyk. This crusade was lead by none other than the Dark Lord himself! Obi-Wan could tell what Yundarr was thinking just by looking at his face.

Fighting To Protect Home

When they returned home Obi-Wan told Yundarr to hold out his hand. He handed him a large club formed from engraved polymer, with a leather wrapping covering most of it’s shaft. “Open it” He told Yundarr. Puzzled, Yundarr looked over the weapon, he then noticed small notches on each end, he twisted off the ends and immediately realized what he was holding, this was no ordinary club. He held out the weapon and in an instant two green lightsaber blades extended, one from each end. “Be careful, my friend” Said Obi-Wan, “I hope to see you again someday. My starfighter is out back under the brown tarp”.

Yundarr put an arm around his master and let out a solemn “good bye growl” He gathered the few belongings he had, and made for Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor. A small, old ship, but it did the job.

Yundarr made it to Kashyyyk. He could see the flames emanating from where his village had stood. The smell of smoke and blood filled the air, He ran to his home. No one was left. Bodies filled the paths, some cut and burned by a lightsaber, some contorted by the force, while others still were shot by blasters. Yundarr was too late. He wondered if he could have done anything even if he had made it on time…

Yundarr mourned and rebuilt. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, months to years. No matter how long he stayed he didn’t feel at home anymore. He had been gone too long. He wanted to return to his master. He set out once more, this time to Tatooine.

Search For Vengence

Obi-Wan’s house was empty, Obi-Wan and his lightsaber were gone, as well as the training gear Yundarr had used.

He waited…he looked after the house. It was months before Yundarr found out what had become of his master, his one friend in the galaxy. He had fallen…fallen by the same blade that had killed his family, destroyed his home. His quest began. He sought vengeance for his master.

He scoured the galaxy following the empire at a distance. For years this was his life. Then the empire fell. A young man named Luke Skywalker had defeated the Emperor. Darth Vader was killed. Yundarr had failed.

A New Fight

Years passed, The New Order rose, with it The Resistance, Yundarr wanted to find peace in his life, helping people where he could. Fighting the darkness in the galaxy…

Joining The Crew

Yundarr crash landed onto the surface of Korriban, along with the majority of the Resistance fleet. Shot down by their ‘ally’ in the Yuuzhan Vong War Grand Admiral Thrawn

Barely alive, he managed to crawl to the massive remains of a Resistance Cruiser, and find enough rations to keep him alive for a little while.

Eventually he was found by a distraught and changing Zill Almuftara, who helped him regain his strenght. Eventually a bond grew between the 2 and they survived together for a year and a half.

It was then Zill had decided to rejoin his old friends as Abin Reyas, and along with him would be Yundarr.

With this group, Yundarr may finally get the chance to protect the entire galaxy as he has always strived to do.


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