Veelo Ordo

Mandalorian Leader

GM’s Note: Veela is the longest running Villain of the Corrupting Darkness campaign. Being the captor of Zill when he was first met by Marek and fas way back in episode 2!




Veela is a strong leader and extremely arrogant, natural qualities for a Mandalorian.

She has a strong knowledge of the history of her people, holding an extreme grudge against not just Jedi, but all Force Sensitives, for the death of millions of her ancestors during the Great Jedi Purge.

Just Another Day Moving a Prisoner

Veela Ordo first met the group as the right hand of a hutt known as Taug’rel . Fas, Zill and Marek learned that Taug’rel was secretly in an alliance with the The New Sith Empire leader, Darth Leon.

To find this information the team stunned Veela, and left her tied up in her room, an embarrassment she has never forgotten.

Fas would later use this in negotations with the Hutt Cartel hierarchy to pave the way for a deal between the Hutt Cartel and the Resistance that would make it possible for the freedom fighters to continue their fight for many years.

To Nar Shaddaa With Love

Veela would disappear off the groups radar for over a year, until the group returned to the Hutt Moon of Nar Shaddaa. This time under the strange circumstances of the planet being empty.

The group met Veela and a squad of Mandalorians in The Slag’s Pit, their favorite cantina on the Hutt moon. After a small firefight, Veela informed the group that Parella’s Tower, the former location of the Hutt Cartels hierarchy, was currently swarmed with Black Sun men, and that they had kidnapped the Hutts.

So the group decided a temporary alliance was in order, and they infiltrated the tower at Veela’s behest.

Meeting a New Friend and Enemy

Inside the tower, the group saw an old friend had been captured by the black sun, a wookie named Snoova, this would be the last time they would see him.

At the top, they had a discussion with a woman from leading a Black Sun investigation on the Hutts disappearance, and assured them they were not the culprates.

During this conversation the team met a new friend, one who would later die by Zill’s hands, Naracc Kaynine, a Trandoshan in the employ of the Hutts.

An Enemy Once More

Once they learned it was not the black sun, the team found themselves surrounded by Mandalorian commandos, led by the one and only Veela Ordo.

It was there that she made her true hatred against Force Sensitives known, and then started an all out attack on the group.

The group made full utilization of their lightsabers, and started to cut holes down the tower, attempting to avoid a confrontation with the large group of powerful Mandalorians.

Almost Ended

When the group finally made it to the bottom floor of the tower, the sewers, things went badly. Their new ‘ally’ Naracc, tripped in the water, and was almost slaughtered by the powerful Veela.

Zill made it back in time and the group nearly killed her, before she was able to get away safely by throwing a thermal detonator at them.

Shrowded in Mystery

It has been 4 years since that fateful encounter, and no one has seen or heard about Veela since. But it was revealed to Kiki that the rest of her people, the Ewoks, now live on Mandalore as a planet that has chosen to be no part of the Galactic Order.

Fight On Port Tooga

After Abin learned of his parents from Yoda and returned to meet the rest of the Mynock crew who were aboard the space station of Port Tooga, a fight broke out in the docking bay.

It is not known if it was an attack by the Mandalorians, or if they really were attacked first as they claimed.

While Ayla and Junk fired back at the Mandalorians, Abin and Ven worked quickly to stop the fighting.

Using his newly found connection to the lightside, and his fathers lightsaber ‘Baohu’, he lifted Veela from the middle of her force to the middle of the ports defenders, force jumped next to her, and knocked her out using Baohu.

Ven and Abin were able to talk the Mandos into leaving in exchange for Veela, but before he gave her back, Abin took her black lightsaber, the very same one that killed his parents many many years ago.

Veelo Ordo

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