Ryu Fisto

Jedi Master of Fas, Noon Ji, Kiki and Zill





Ryu felt responsible for the The New Sith Empire and their reign of destruction, due to his being the teacher of Darth Leon, their leader.

He sought to make things right, and when he ran into the Celestial Sparrows crew, he saw the chance to redeem himself and teach those who would stop Leon.

Hunting The Sith

For nearly 10 years, Ryu had been on a trail of bread crumbs that he thought would lead him to the remnants of the Empire. After the First Order came out of the wood work, he realized this was something else.

About 5 years before he met the group, he had learned enough to piece together that his old apprentice, now called Darth Leon, was training an army of force sensitives, and that they hoped to rebuild the Sith Empire of ancient times.

He based himself out of Yavin 4, staying with good friends, the Damerons.

Meeting Fas and the Group

Eventually he himself was tracked down by a group of force sensitives seeking to be taught in the ways of the force. They were powerful, and although clouded somewhat in the dark side, Fisto believed they would fully embrace the Light side and became saviors of the galaxy, like Luke Skywalker had done some 50 years earlier.

He trained them and sent them out on missions to hone their skills.

Death of a Dark Lord

Eventually the time had come for the group to recieve their lightsabers, so Ryu took them to the center of the galaxy, to a Jedi Temple on the planet, Tython.

There the group went in alone to face the trials, and came out fully fledged Jedi Knights. But unbeknownst to them, Darth Leon had prepared for this moment.

He and 10 sith attacked the group. Of course, Leons fate had been sealed, as his apprentice Tal Remnar had betrayed him and left him to face the group alone.

Despite being out numbered, Ryu and his students fought valiantly and eventually destroyed the Dark Lord.

Falling Sparrows

Eventually however, the group, led along by Zill Almuftara, started to mistrust the resistance and began to seek power for themselves. They kidnapped a general and were then arrested. They were quickly removed from the Jedi Order and Resistance.

Ryu’s parting words to the team, warned them not to fall to the dark side, or that he himself would have to stop them.

Ryu’s Final Failure

The Resistance was crumbling, being torn down on 2 sides. With the disappearance of the Hutt Cartel the resistance no longer had the supplies or equipment to win the fight. Combined with the military prowess of Grand Admiral Thrawn, they were surely about to be destroyed.

As a last ditch effort to try and leave behind some way for the galaxy to survive the Yuuzhan Vong onslought, and maybe a way to get the Sith off their back, Ryu suggested a plan to force his students Noon Ji, Zill and Kiki to join the Sith by making them enemies of the Resistance.

The resistance desecrated the bodies of the fallen, and dropped the team into a ‘massacred’ resistance base.

Ryu faced his students, and gave his life.

The plan worked at the beginning, but in the end, his faith that his students would protect the resistance was ill founded, and they took part in the destruction of D’quar and the Resistance Leaderships.

They were also missing for the majority of the Yuuzhan Vong War, giving the First Order the opportunity to come out the heroes, and take control of the galaxy.

Ryu Fisto

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