Outer Rim


Tatoo Sector

Primary Terrain


Points of Interest

Mos Eisley

The major port of the planet. A bustling place since the Galactic Order, many tourists visit to pay homage to the great hero Anakin Skywalker.

This brings many merchants and freighters to make money off these tourists.

The Wastes

Just north of Mos Eisley is a place called the wastes. An endless sea of deserts with no real reason to go out into it.


The Lost Girl

After touching down aboard the Dirty Mynock, our crew went into town to sell some wares. Abin found an old woman asking for help to find her daughter and offered credits to do so.

So the group set out into the wastes, only to find out she was Liora Satelli, a hunter out hunting a krayt dragon. So the group helped her, though not without cost.

The Event

After that, Ven felt a strange powerful presence, and everything went to hell. The cave the group was in collapsed. While in town, Driver and Yundarr had to deal with a Mos Eisley gone mad.

Everywhere, people were attacking eachother with a blind murderous rage.

Eventually the group got together, with the help of the awoken Fes Rodah, and stopped the slaughter, saving hundreds of lives, though not before Liora Satelli’s mother was murdered.


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