Baohu is a double bladed two lightsaber. One of the most interesting features of the saber is the fact it has 2 buttons, one which turns it on normally, the other which turns it to a stun setting.

As a lightsaber meant to protect the weak and ward off attackers, the lightsaber is very aggressive looking despite the parts inside. It lights up with a very dark blue, and looks the weapon of a true jedi knight.


After he had left the Jedi order and the attacks on Ryloth lessened, Elias Tynash, together with Atris, went on a journey throughout the galaxy, to find crystals, inhibitors and metals that would help him to build a lightsaber that would never kill another being, but would always protect those who needed it.

The duo went from one end to another.

To Tatooine for it’s Krayt Dragon pearls

To Ilum, and the masters who watch over the crystal caves there, asking them for information on how to control the pearl.

To Bandomeer for Bandorium to create the inhibitors, electronic components and crystal housing.

Then finally to Despayre for the Quadanium Steel that would form the hilt of the saber. The same metal that would later be used on both Death Stars.

When the lightsaber was completed, he named it Baohu, which in the Twi’leks native tongue, Ryl, meant ‘Protector’.

In both honor of how his life changed defending the Twi’lek people and a reminder how he had lost his way there, and should always be a protector for the weak.

Special Effects

The lightsaber has inhibitors that make it impossible to deal a lethal blow while still being quite potent.

The saber also has a stun setting built into it, making it the perfect weapon for a Jedi who rejects the notion of killing their enemy.

Current Location

Elias Tynash’s son, Abin Reyas, in now in possession of the lightsaber and he wields it as his own.


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