The Corrupting Darkness

End of a Campaign - Best Moments

So our campaign is done for now as we go back in time to play another group living during these times.

I thought it would be cool to go over the top 5 moments of the campaign! These are either the funniest, most influential or just most epic moments in my personal opinion.

5. Just Keep Digging

After finding a new ally of sorts in the Trandoshan hired gun, Naracc, the team found themselves outnumbered by Veela and her Mandalorians.

With no where to run, the team lightsabered and clawed their way down through the floors.

If they hadn’t gotten the chance to use an elevator, who knows how long they would have been digging down through the 50 floor tower.

A moment so memoral, Yoda would use it to help the PCs save themselves from Kylo Ren

4. Kidnapping Undies

Zills suspicions about the General Tiundi Lottari had reached a breaking point.

Assuming he was the cause of the resistances problems, Zill spied on him and intended to question him.

Until the unknowing Noon Ji called him up on his comm, giving up Zills position, and leading to the team kidnapping of the bothan general and eventual expulsion from both the resistance and Jedi Order.

That call by Noon Ji is possibly the most campaign changing action that was made.

3. Wait….Aren’t You Blind?!?

After a brutal battle with Tsar Ren, the blinded Zill alongside the armless Farad and the rest of the beat up team jump into a landspeeder to escape the chasing storm troopers.

No one wants to pilot so Zill jumped in the pilot seat and takes off. After they enter a forest, Noon Ji has a sudden realization.

WAIT! Aren’t you blind.” The crash afterwards was all the answer that was needed.

2. The day the resistance died

After leaving the resistance, the team decided to join the Sith Empire, originally planning to take them out from the inside before learning of the impending Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

When they arrived on Korriban, Tal Remnar would only allow them to join if they betrayed the location of the resistance and help them capture General Solo Organa before the planet is destroyed.

This action led to the destruction of D’Qar, their personally killing Po Dameron, Marek Arendis, Tiundi Lottari and leading to the death of Leia, akbar and a large amount of resistance soldiers.

Their fall to their dark side was this complete.

1. Civil War on Korriban

After defeating the Yuuzhan Vong, the team was betrayed by Grand Admiral Thrawn and shot down onto Korriban for 2 years.

Originally I planned to skip this time, but thankfully I decided to play some of it.

The dark side effected our team, and a mysterious voice lulled our strings, leading to a massive fight amongst our selves.

In the end Naracc, Noon Ji, Slem Ji, Marcus and his men all lay on the floor dead.

The coolest moment ever for me! That you guys would go so far in your role play.

So good

Episode 28 - Homeward Bound
The One With Internet Troubles

Long Trip To Port Tooga

The long trip to Port Tooga from the remains of Allasar’s Flag Ship took about 2 weeks past. During this time, the team focused on healing up. They also got to know each other better, and the group finally started to witness stability, acceptance and trust being shown and reciprocated.

About a week into the trip Siar Uundune woke up from her coma, shocked to find herself on a strange ship, captured by unknown faces.

It took some work on the side of Abin and Hesh, but eventually she started to remember

Man In The Black Robe

Siar revealed that the events on the ship were the hand of the being from Tatooine, giving a bit more description than they previously had, explaining it was a man in a black cloak. He wore a black mask with gold etching on it that was freighting to see.

He had arrived about 3-4 days before the Mynock did, and in that time had Allasar do the work on the Krayt dragon she named, George, which was the Mecha Krayt Dragon they had run into.

After that he left with Allasar, and that’s all she knew.

She also told them that she never saw that Jedi they referred to, explaining it looked like they were talking to themselves. Hesh, using his expertise on all matters of force mind tricks, deducted that Dah was likely an illusion.

Abin Leaves

One night, Abin was awaken by the familiar glow of a small green Jedi Master named Yoda. It had been a long long time since the two had spoken, with the only other time being communicating with what they thought was a holocron on Abin’s ‘home planet’ of Kashyyyk.

Yoda talked to the man who was seeking redemption from his past, and mentioned how much like his father he was. When asked about it, Yoda explained that he had trained Abin’s father, and that he would show him everything he needed to know.

So Abin set out on his journey he had to do alone, go to the Jedi Academy on Telos.

The Group On Port Tooga

This section refers to the events that happened to the main group, during their month wait for Abin on Port Tooga.

Podrace Fever

When the group landed on Port Tooga Hesh, Junk and Yundarr made their way to the Bazaar, while Ayla and Kiki walked through the crowd who had been opened up by Junk, to meet the famous podracer the crowd were cheering over.

When they met him they learned his name was ‘Cool’ Clutch Carver, a very charismatic podracer. When he saw Kiki’s missing arm, he took great pity on her, and told them that he was something of a cybernetics fanatic.

He took them to his room, and gave kiki a customized arm, signed of course, with a winky face and his famous catch phrase “It’s Clutch Time!”

Reunion with Drol Vergo And shopping

Hesh and Junk went to their long time buyer, and mentor of Hesh, Drol Vergo.

They showed him all their amazing finds, and sold them to him for good prices. He told them about how many seedy folks were looking for them, and that they shouldn’t stay too long.

Then they went and spent some of their money on equipment and upgrades.

Growls Don’t Stop Bar Fights

Yundarr Went to the cantina and chilled out for a bit. Eventually a fight started to break out behind him, Yundarr went to break it up and almost got caught up in it himself until a fellow wookie named Snoova and his translator droid helped smooth things over, by translating Yundarr growls.

Yundarr, who was elated to see another Wookie for the first time in years, thanked them, and expressed his gratefulness to see another wookie.

Snoova offered him a drink, and the two spoke for hours at the bar, about Kashyyyk, old stories of home, and also what their doing now.

Caught By The League of Shadows

While they were upgrading their equipment in the back of a shop, the shop keeper they had just dealt with was murdered, and suddenly all 4 of our team were surrounded by League of Shadows assassins.

Junk attempted to offer some of the money they had as a down payment, but the leader of the group told him that a down payment may be good for the Cartel themselves, but for them as a bounty hunting league it would be too risky to let them go and much more profitable to bring their bodies, whether dead or alive.

Captured, Junk sent a small signal to Ven, letting him know what was happening. Ven told them when they see the sign, break free.

Help and a Surprising Alliance

Before Ven could do the spectacular plan he had, the assassins were surrounded by Port Tooga guards, and told their landing permit was revoked and that they should leave.

When the assassin leader explained they had permission, the burly Nautolan told them that Shoola The Hutt had changed her mind.

After the League left, the group were escorted to Shoola’s Parlour, the upper private floor.

There Shoola explained that the Hutt Cartel were in hiding because of the Yuuzhan Vong. They were about to come out of hiding until the events that happened on Tatooine.

They learned we were there and think we have some sort of immunity to it. So they offered to keep the Mandroxan Cartel off of our back as we try to stop this being.

When we succeed they promies to end our troubles with the Mandroxans permanently.

This deal was quickly accepted.

Gambling The Month Away

Aside from that, the team mostly tried to enjoy their time on Port Tooga as they waited for Abin.

Ayla managed to win a couple thousand credits, while Kiki pretty much came out even.

Junk went into a highstakes game and lost half of his credits, about 30,000 due to being accused of stealing.

Abin’s Awakening

This section refers to the events that happened with Abin while he was alone on Telos.

The Academy

When he landed on Telos, he could not see any academy anywhere. Yoda informed him that it was there and that he had to focus and meditate. When Abin did so, the building became evident to him.

His next test was to actually enter into it, he attempted to use the force, but tapping into the dark side was all he could do, and the door would not open. It was there that Yoda told him why he could not tap into the lightside, and then opened the door for him.

The academy was ancient, and quite large, but Abin was led through the force to a room with a broken pillar where he blacked out.

The Mysterious Vision

Abin woke up, but this time he was in the middle of the room, hiding behind the broken pillar, but it was now perfectly intact.

Around him the sounds and sights of blaster fire filled the room around him. He watched this man he was watching from the perspective of, used both force and lightsaber to fight and slow down waves of Mandalorians, seemingly stopping them from getting past him to a door that was behind him.

He did some incredible things, and fought bravely. Eventually he heard a voice from a woman behind him saying that something was done and that someone was safe.

It was then that Elias Tynash, the man whose view he was seeing, surrendered to the mandalorians.

At this point Abin could understand that this man and woman, was his mother and father. And could only watch on in horror as the mother of Veelo Ordo, Naru Ordo, shot his mother, and impaled his father with a black lightsaber.

Dawning his Fathers Armor and Baohu

Yoda told him, that his fathers lightsaber was special, one that protected, and that if he truly wished to protect the weak in this galaxy, that he should walk through the next hall.

There he found his fathers armor and his lightsaber, Baohu. He heard a recorded message for him, from his father, after which he dawned his armor.

Connection With The Lightside Regained

The experience of being a part of his father, and holding his lightsaber, reconnected Abin with the lightside. Due to the vision, he was able to remember the feeling and emotions required to use the light side of the force, no longer being a slave to the darkness within him.

Enter Kylo Ren

It was then that Abin had his first run in with Supreme Commander Snoaks Sith apprentice, Kylo Ren.

Ren and a group of storm troopers were searching the academy for information on an orb known as the Orb of The Sith Lords.

Abin managed to stay hidden using his training from The Orphanage, and follow the Sith Lord and his entourage. When they finally found what they were looking for, Abin daringly got close to Ren and swiped the data pad, giving them all the information on this orb that the Jedi Order had.

It was obvious that this orb was in the posession of the being that attacked them, both on Tatooine and Allasar’s Flag Ship.


This section refers to the events that happened when Abin and the rest were reunited on Port Tooga.

The Orb of the Sith Lords

When Abin finally arived, he showed the group the data pad he had retrieved from Kylo Ren. They learned that the orb had been created by Darth Bane. It was a small black orb, with a string attached.

Bane had created it by taking the power from the most powerful sith lords to be buried on Korriban, including most of his and infusing it into this orb, just prior to his death.

The orb gives the wearer incredible power, but it magnifies the power of the wearer, so only those who are sensitive to the force are affected, and the more powerful they are, the stronger they become.

A last thing they learned is that it drives the wearer mad, and begins to destroy their mind. Even Darth Sideous searched for, and found it, but it was useless to him because of the side effects and he tried to destroy it before hiding it away.

Where it was, or who found it is unknown.

Fight In The Docking Bay

When the group was finally reunited on their way to their ship, so to take off for Tatooine looking for clues as to the mysterious man in the black cloak, there was a massive fight in the docking bay.

It was between an army of Mandalorians, and the thugs of Port Tooga. While Ayla and Junk fired back at the Mandos, Abin and Ven worked quickly to end the fighting.

Abin used his newly refound connection to the force, to pull Veelo Ordo out from amidst her forces, and into the middle of the thugs. Then he force jumped beside her, told her that her mother had killed his parents and ferociously struck down with his lightsaber on the mandalorian.

While it may have seemed he had given into anger and killed her, he had set Baohu to stun, and merely knocked her out, and taking her black lightsaber, the one that killed his parents, in the process.

The Fight Ends/ Heading To Tatooine

Ven used this impressive display by Abin to talk the Mandos down, after which Abin negotiated their leaving.

They claimed they were attacked when they arrived, and not the other way around, but really it’s impossible to know.

The Mandalorians left, but not before blaming them for the being that attacked Tatooine, and tell them it is their responsibility to kill it.

After that, the group continued with their plan

Episode 27 - Shadow Games
The One Without Christian and Cherice :(

Jettisoned Escape Pod

As the team came out of hyperspace and in view of the ship belonging to Ayla’s father, they hailed it in order to let them know they would be docking.

They were greeted by the peppy voice of Siar Uundune, who excitedly told them to dock.

As they started to move, one of the ships escape pods jettisoned. A quick scan showed 3 life signs, one was decided by matter of elimination to be Hesh Vah. While the other 2 were revealed to be 2 Mos Eisley crazies Abin had knocked out cold and forgotten to remove from the ship.

Allasars ship activated a tractor beam and pulled in the pod

No Escape Pods Here

When interrogated about the escape pods, Siar Uundune denied again and again that there had been a tractor beam activation, and adamantly assuring the group she had not seen an escape pod.

She did however, say that if there was anywhere it would have went, it would be the malfunctioning disposal unity.

Walkway of Death

The group suited up in space walking suits so as to traverse the unsealed Disposal Unit, and walked out onto a narrow walkway. Looking down they could see a plummet of nearly 2 miles, leading to a sloped bottom that led to 3 smaller tunnels, while above there were nearly 2 miles up to a large tunnel that led towards this shaft.

The group decided to walk up. 10 minutes later, a large batch of small-medium sized rocks came down the larger tunnel above. They stopped beside them, ominously floating there for a few moments, before turning their sharpest ends to them, and hurling themselves at the group.

The group was mostly ok, except for Ven who focused on, and failed to, force pushing them away, was completely unprotected and took the full brunt of the rocks. He fell off the walkway, free falling to the ground.

Abin jumped down and was able to grab Ven, while Yundarr who had climbed down a bit already, was able to get a hold of Abins foot.

Eventually most were able to get up before the walkway started retract into the wall.

The group used everything from swords, to claws to their bare fists to slide down the 2 mile long tunnel, eventually splitting up to check all 3 tunnels for their missing friend.

Enter The Biomes

Dr1v3r, Ayla and Abin landed in the forest Biome where Ayla first met Dr1v3r.

Yundarr and Ven ended up in a Desert biome where Ven had been once before.

Junk, by himself, landed in a snow biome.

The Forest Biome

Dr1v3r, Ayla and Abin, made the walk to Dr1v3rs old hut, but noticed, oddly enough, that someone had a fire going outside it. Abin caught sight of the man, and group met Dah Saief

After a short talk, Dah eventually trusted that the group would not attack him, and together they made their way to the Desert biome, led by the memory of Ayla and Dr1v3r.

The Desert Biome

Upon landing in the Desert biome, Yundarr and Ven saw in front of them a rather large group of what would turn out to be Sand People.

Behind them was a cliff face, so they elected to get high ground before having a run in with the collected group of Tatooine locals.

When they got close enough, half of the group walked towards us, and Yundarr let out a nice friendly and welcoming growl, which immediately put the sand people on guard and into attack mode.

Luckily before any shots were fired, Yundarr showed an act of non aggression by taking his bowcaster and laying it on the ground. This small act was able to quell the Sand Peoples fears, and after a show of their non aggression, the group continued on their trek through the sand.

After this, Junk arrived, and together the 3 of them went back into the snow biome Junk had come from, to search for their friend Hesh Vah.

The Snow Biome

The group of Junk, Ven and Yundarr climbed the snowy mountain tops, searching for any sign of Hesh Vah.

Junk spotted the missing escape pod, with very little damage, and 2 dead bodies inside. but Hesh Vah was missing. And there were no foot prints or marks of any kind.

Eventually they found a small den of Wampas. Junk elected to kill them and search their cavern den, while Yundarr and Ven searched for more signs.

Nothing was found and they returned to Junk, who had met up with Abin, Ayla and Dr1v3r as well.

Junk found Hesh Vah’s lightsaber, and as the group were deciding on setting up camp, a massive claw crashed through the ground below them.

The Group With The Mecha Krayt Dragon Tattoo

The ground caved in, and the group found themselves falling into the throne room, in front of them, the largest, most insane thing they have ever witnessed. A massive Krayt Dragon, with Cortosis implants, and replacements. Even his scales were weaved with Cortosis.

When the best went on it’s hindlegs to intimidate the group, Abin was able to keep his cool and notice the beasts stomach had a red force fielded prison cell in it. Dr1v3r noticed the person inside it was none other then the missing Hesh Vah.

The group battled the massive dragon. After a few short attacks, the Mecha Krayt Dragon opened it’s mouth, and slowly a light started to form and shine out, eventually erupting into a powerful beam weapon aimed right at them, hitting all of them. But visibly damaging the creature, leaving smoke and loud screams to make it evident that it hurt him just as bad as it hurt them.

It knocked out Ven, Dr1v3r and Yundarr.

While Junk and Ayla shot it from afar, Abin raced towards the beast, fearlessly taking it’s attention and making cuts and swings at it with a lightsaber.

Saving Private Hesh Vah

While the others kept it busy, Ven was able to use the force and wake himself up, he crawled weakly and wearily over to Yundarr, and stabbed him with one of his stimpacks, bringing the Wookie back to the land of the living.

The wookie stood up, and then did something no one, but Abin, could have anticipated.

He pulled out his staff, and while the ends of it miraculously turned themselves off, revealing a double bladed green lightsaber, The wookie used his other hand to pull a free a large piece of ice from the biome above, and in impale it in the back of the creature.

The creature arched backwards, landing stomach up, giving Junk the chance to rescue the unconscious Hesh Vah

Blowing Up For Real Now

After this, the creatures throat started to glow with the same light as they had seen before, it started to pierce through it’s scales and cortosis weaving.

The group ran away, with the help of Siar Uundune who opened and closed blast doors, but it was not enough, the blast caught both Yundarr and Ayla, knocking both unconscious, and completely breaking apart the ship on both sides of the team.

A Rescue and a Mystery

The group was stuck on a floating hallway in space. Hesh Vah was unconscious with no space suit and thus no way to breathe. Besides that both Ayla and Yundarr were out cold, with no way to help, and requiring the nearly dead himself, Ven to hold both, lest they float way. Things were looking dim.

When all of a sudden, the Mynock flew into site, piloted by Liora Satelli, she picked them up, with Siar Uundune waiting for them on the ramp.

Before entering the ship, Ayla asked Siar about her father (which I now realize was impossible, but I guess Ayla woke up lol). When the name Allasar was mentioned, she started to look dizzy, whispering it a number of times before completely fainting.

Ven pushed Yundarr and Ayla into the ship before grabbing Siar and going into the ship with them, followed by Abin and Junk.

All was well, or as well as it could be, until they realized Dah Saief was not in the ship with them. He was in the hallway, but now, he had just disappeared.

Abin, who had started to be weary of the mysterious jedi, concluded he may have been the one responsible for this, and the screen faded to black, till the next episode.


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