Ven Kalro

Kel Dor Force Sensitive Exile



Ven lives his life by the Jedi Code. During the majority of his lonely life on Tython he would use the wise words written in it to encourage and endure.

When he joined the group, he learned quite quickly that others do not appreciate these words as he does.

It’s a slow process, but slowly Ven has started to mesh with his fellow passangers on the Dirty Mynock.

His Past

Not much is known of his past, he tends not to talk about it.

He lived in a small village of Kel Dor who descended from 2 who ran away from the order. Though very early in his life they were all killed by Flesh Raiders, and he spent most of his time after that at the Jedi Temple.

Meeting The Group

Ven met the group after they crash landed on Tython, during the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong War. They were surrounded by Flesh Raiders, he hurried the group into a cave where they were captured by Dantar and put through a number of tests on Allasars Flag Ship.

Ven made his usefullness known very early on, from his prowess with the force, helping out and doing incredible acts.

With his help, the team was able to survive, defeat Dantar and rescue Zill.

Defeating The Yuuzhan Vong

After that, he stayed with the dark side filled group, hoping to redeem them, but also focusing on defeating this alien race that was invading the galaxy, the Yuuzhan Vong.

He, along with the rest of the group, flew into the middle of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet during their assault on Korriban, and infiltrated their main flag ship.

Aboard they met a number of horrors, but were able to make it through alive. At the end, they fought Lo Sung, the leader of these force immune creatures.

With the help of Zill and Noon Ji, they used the force to pick up a metal pipe the creature had swollowed, and impaled the leader of the Vong with it.

Short Live Victory

After this victory, while they were making their escape back to their allied fleet, Grand Admiral Thrawn turned against the Resistance and The New Sith Empire, including Ven and the group, shooting them down.

They all managed to survive, but found themselves stranded on the surface of Korriban.

After a long while, and much tension between Tarfful, Zill and Naracc, the evil forces of the Sith Tombs maneuvered matters so that Naracc killed Zills adoptive father Tarfful, setting in motion events that would lead Zill to kill a large majority of the group including Naracc, his men, Marcus, Noon Ji and Slem Ji.

This greatly effected Ven, and he vowed during the next 2 years while he survived with Ayla Kadar and Kiki, to get out of here so he could stop Zill and people like him.

A Turn Around

To Ven’s surprise, when Zill came back, he had a friend named Yundarr with him and changed his name from Zill Almuftara, meaning shadow predator to Abin Reyas, meaning son of chief.

He apologized for letting himself be used by the dark side, and vowed never to use it again.

Ven, great appreciative for this, has never left Abin’s side as he had originally planned, and will continue to try and guide his friends towards the path of light.

Being of Great Power

On Tatooine, after the group battled with a Krayt Dragon, he ran into the Dragons cave, explaining he felt a power beyond that which was imaginable.

Shortly after the entire cave was brought down on them. Later, when they returned to Mos Eisley, they found it in chaos, everyone attacking eachother.

Ven lifted some of the Water Towers in order for DR1V3R to fly the mynock in view and Ayla Kadar to blast them, unleashing a tsunami on the peoples below and waking them up from their nightmare.

The plan worked, but hundreds of lives were lost.

It’s Not Possible

Since that day, it has been on the top of Ven’s mind, and his top priority is to stop the Man In The Black Robe.

Ven Kalro

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