Marek Arendis





Was born in the middle of the rebellion against the Empire. Before he was one, both his parents died in the battle to destroy the death star.

Raised by Mon Mothma, he was always around diplomacy and politics. He learned a lot and chose to follow somewhat in his parents foot steps. Using the knowledge he had gained, and the training received, he became a top notch spy, and when the First Order showed up, it wasn’t long before he was running missions for the Resistance.

He eventually joined resistance pilot Fas Otono in a mission to take out the old empire cargo line, the M226 Freighter. Though failing to capture the ship, they were able to destroy it and rescue a long time Rebel prisoner, Dek Berell.

The 3 would form an elite team and would be joined by the likes of Zill Almuftara, Noon Ji and Kiki. After the group started to hone their force powers, Marek slipped away from the group to go back into infiltration and espionage for the Resistance.

He once ran into the team on the First Order controlled planet of Ryloth, helping them escape from the overwhelming amount of enemies.

Later he met with the group for the last time, as the group took part in an assault against the Resistance, it was here that he was killed, by those who were once his friends.

Marek Arendis

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