Man In The Black Robe

Being of Great Power | Wields The Orb Of The Sith Lords



Nothing is known of who or what this mysterious being is. He wields the dark side and has no problem with killing hundreds of lives.

He wields the Orb Of The Sith Lords, so he is no doubt become or becoming twisted and losing his original mind.

Retrieving The Orb

No one knows how he got a hold of the Orb Of The Sith Lords, a dark artifact even Sideous feared, attempted to destroy and hid away.

Attacking Tatooine

No one knows why he attacked Tatooine, but the being sent the entire planet into a mass killing frenzy against themselves.

Curiously, none of the crew were affected, and when he was near them, instead of killing them he collapsed the cave on them. Eventually they were able to stop control he had over the people of Mos Eisley, but hundreds, maybe even thousands all over the planet were murdered by their own friends and neighbours.

Attacking Allasars Flag Ship

Stranger still, Allasar was picked out, the groups next destination. He had him create the Mecha Krayt Dragon, attacked the group with rocks and then took Allasar.

It is unknown what his motives for any of this were, or why he happened to be attacking locations the group were going to. Also unknown is his location and the location of Ayla Kadars father Allasar.

Man In The Black Robe

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