Liora Satelli

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(PC’s know very little)

Upbringing of Liora

(PC’s know very little) Her mother was Aola Satelli. She was trained to be a hunter by old friend of the family Fes Rodah

Meeting The PC’s

Liora decided this year to go back out and hunt a Krayt Dragon, which she hadn’t done in a few years. Determined to test her limits, she went after an elder dragon in the region, out in the Tatooine Wastes.

Unbeknownst to Liora, her mothers mind was starting to deteriorate. After she left for the wastes, Aola, her mother, started to panic and came across Abin Reyas, requesting he find her ‘missing daughter’

When they found her, Liora was just about to leave her camp and head out for the thrilling hunt of the Krayt Dragon.

Our heroes forced themselves into the hunt, agreeing to help her kill the dragon.

Instead of laying traps, the group attacked the Dragon head on inside it’s cave. After a brutal battle, the Dragon was defeated, but landed on a number of our team, including Hesh, Junk, Abin and Kiki. The later, Kiki, had her arm crushed under the Dragon, losing it.

‘The Event’ and The Loss of Her Mother

That’s when it appeared and ‘the event’ happened. Eventually they were able to stop it, with the help of Lioras mentor, Fes Rodah, but not before her mother, Aola Satelli, was murdered.

Liora was completely inconsolable, but a changed Abin saw this woman expressing emotions that were all too familiar to him. He tried to console her, but found even himself giving way to tears.

Liora vowed to find the person responsible for the event and kill him, then asked the group if she could join them. Abin agreed, although intending to change her mind as to the revenge part of her plan.

Liora Satelli

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