Ewok Force Sensitive Medic



Kiki cares deeply about the lives of her friends and those she fights beside. She will never leave someone behind, or leave an injured ally untreated.

While she is often dodging bullets and lightsabers in order to heal her allies, she does have her own lightsabers and can fight alongside the best when the situation calls for it.

Destruction of Endor

Her and her people were scattered across the galaxy when Endor was destroyed by the Empire. Many Ewoks were dead, but a couple hundred listened to the Republic and got off planet.

Kiki’s parents were such people. When she was old enough she was encouraged to join The Resistance against the new Imperial threat, the First Order, and join she did.

She came to be a regular ally of Noon Ji, until the two were both assigned to a strange Resistance cell aboard the Celestial Sparrow.

Learning The Ways of the Force

Kiki, alongside Fas, Noon Ji and Zill, begun to learn of their powers, and were trained in the way of the lightsaber by Ryu Fisto.

Eventually the group would become very powerful, even fighting along side Ryu and defeating Darth Leon, then sith lord of The New Sith Empire.

Surrounded by Darkness

Eventually the darkness within Zill started to become untamed and unchecked. He along with Noon Ji and later seedy allies such as Naracc and Ayla Kadar, the group started to follow the path to the Dark Side.

Zill, claiming he mistrusted Tiundi Lottari, a general of the Resistance, captured, interrogated and kidnapped the general.

Not long after the group were kicked out of The Resistance. Things got even darker when they found themselves on D’Qar, fugitives and accused of murder.

Despite not taking part, Kiki allowed her ‘allies’ to fight and kill their Jedi master, Ryu Fisto.

Joining The Sith

It is unknown why Kiki did not leave the group, maybe she felt she could redeem them, but she joined them in entering The New Sith Empire.

They would then go to lead the empire to attack and destroy D’Qar, along with most of the Resistance.

The Final Breaking Point

Kiki finally started to crack when the group crash landed on Korriban, after the battle that raged above against the Yuuzhan Vong.

Things went from bad to worse, when the group entered into the Sith tombs. The group started hearing voices, and Naracc even killed Tarful, Zill’s adoptive father.

Causing a chain of events that would lead to not just Naracc’s death, but the death of all his men, Marcus, Noon Ji and even his brother Slem Ji at the hands of Zill.

Zill would go into exile, but all the while Kiki thought about those events, letting the dark side slip into her mind, and conceiving a plan to kill him.

From Dark to Light, but a Changed Ewok

Eventually the group would meet up with Zill, who sought redemption and changed his name to Abin Reyas. Kiki was aggressive towards him at first, but eventually gave him a chance to prove himself.

Since then Abin has been searching for the light side, and even achieved to reattach himself to it, but Kiki has seemed changed, distant and no longer the same caring Ewok who had met the group years earlier.


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