IG-88 Droid Body Guard and Pilot



Junks main motivation is to keep his owner, and rebuilder, Hesh alive and safe. He will do anything to that end, even if it means his own life.

Junks other motiviation, which almost equals that of keeping his friend safe is his love of money. I

t’s unknown if it is in his primary programming or if it’s a decision he made as a sentient being, but he always looks for a way to make more credits regardless of the situation that he finds himself in.

No matter how good a deal he is offered for goods he sells, he will haggle him down, even if it ends up costing him more.

Junk has no seeming morale code, and will kill, steal and threaten without hesitation or second thoughts.

The Past

Nothing is known of Junk’s past

Joining The Crew

Junk and Hesh found Abin, Kiki, Ayla, Ven and Yundarr stranded on the planet of Korriban. A strange sight indeed, the 2 kept their distance, but eventually decided to let the unusual group join their crew.

After a run in with the League of Shadows, Abin agreed to help them with their debt.

A Team?

Despite this, there was much distrust between the 2 groups, until Hesh Vah was captured by the enemy.

Everyone, even Abin, moved fast, and risked their lives to save Junks lost friend. After this, there was a long talk, and the group has begun to trust eachother.

Abin even felt comfortable leaving them, and risking that they could take off and strand him in the Wymar Sector. The team waited for him for a month.


Hesh and Junk owe 2 Million credits to an organization known as the Mandroxan Cartel.

There was a bounty on their head because of this and many Guilds were chasing it.

Unlikely Alliance

When the group were aboard Port Tooga, they were once again attacked by The League of Shadows. Captured, things seemed ill, until Shoola’s guards surrounded them and told the League to leave.

Upon being taken to Shoola, they were informed that the Hutt Cartel was in hiding due to the Yuuzhan Vong War, and was afraid to come out due to the events of Tatooine.

She offered to keep the Mandroxan Cartel’s bounty terminated, and even remove the cartel all together if we could stop this being.



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