Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Admiral of the Galactic Order



Grand Admiral Thrawn has an incredibly smart and tactical mind. Everything he does has a reason, and if you’ve thought of a way to attack him or his armies, he’s probably already countered it.

He executes his strategies with cold, calculated perfection, even killing thousands for the good of the trillions.

His Rise to Power

Thrawn saw an incredible rise to the top in the First Order hierarchy. During Resistances focus on their war with the New Sith Empire, Thrawn rose to Grand Admiral.

His rise was most incredible due to his being a non human, which usually weren’t allowed into roles of prominence in the Order.

His Impact as Grand Admiral

Once Thrawn Grand Admiral, everything changed. The First Order started to pick apart the Resistances defences and lines, both above the planets and on the surface.

He was so precise and perfect, there was a common belief among the Resistance that they had a mole in HQ. A belief that started in the mind of Zill Almuftara. This eventually led to the destruction of the Resistance, when Zills allies believed him and turned to join the New Sith Empire. Though there is no way Thrawn could have predicted that, is there?

One of his most famous achievements was the quick victory and control of the all important twi’lek homeworld, Ryloth. In just under one week, Thrawn removed an entire army and armada of resistance troops, forcing the few remaining survivors to flee, and near crippling the resistance.

The Galactic Order

Since the passing of the Universal Peace Proclamation, Thrawn has become a figure head in the galaxy. Though his skills are there should any of the independent, non Galactic Order planets attack the peaceful Order, he now spends most of his time doing diplomacy runs and speaking for the Galactic Leader, Snoak.

Relationship with the Mynock Crew

Though he has had negative run ins with them in the past, including his betraying them and shooting them down during the battle of Korriban against the Yuuzhan Vong, he has extended the olive branch, and for now, they have a tenuously neutral relationship.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

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