Fes Rodah

Hunters Guild Leader on Tatooine





A rough, veteran hunter who’s seen it all. Wants the best for the people of Tatooine, and has to live with his part in The Event.

The Event

Fes, like all those who were in Mos Eisley, was controlled to attack anyone he saw. Being the hunter he was, he sat atop the rooftop of his home, and laid fire down into the raging battle below him. Maybe the one with the most kills in all of the city.

He was stopped by the daring Wookie Yundarr, as he attempted to keep as many people in the city safe as he could.

The blast from a stray bowcaster shot, brought Fes down from his perch, and even though he knocked out Yundarr, enough time was bought for Abin to arrive and shock Fes back to the real world.

Stopping The Slaughter

After he came to terms with what was happening, he found more members of this strange group that were unaffected, and told them all he knew about the insanity.

His insights led the team to the realization that the ‘spell’ was weak enough now for water to break them out, leading to breaking the water towers and dousing the town with beautiful, life saving waters and rainbows.

After a hug, Liora Satelli said her farewells to her old friend and mentor, hopefully he’s doing well back on Tatooine.

Fes Rodah

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