Farad Shapah

Sith Second in Command ; Deceased



Farads name is taken from the secret language of the Assassin Orphanage. His name literally translates to ‘Force Phantom’ which is all you need to know about him.

Strong in the force for his age, and can disappear like a ghost. He has only one mission, forwarding The New Sith Empires agenda. Though he plays a tough uncaring general, he has grown to think of them as his family, and will do anything to protect them.

A Member of the Team

Farad was a member of the Sith Empire, a group of force sensitive assassin trained dark side users who sought to return to the ways of the ancient sith.

He first met the Crew of the Celestial Sparrow on their mission to infiltrate a Sith base, which turned out to be an old assassin training ‘orphanahe’ the very same one Zill was raised in some 70 years prior. He pretended to be a jedi sympathizer and fooled the group into believing he was truly against the dark side.

For years after that, he journeyed with the group fighting for the resistance, even going so far as killing other members of the sith.

It wasn’t until the group started to mistrust the resistance and found themselves fugitives and knocking on the Sith door on Korriban that they learned the truth of Farads spying on them for TAL Remnar who was now the emperor of the sith.

General of Remnars Army

Farad, was in fact, the second in command under Tal Remnars Sith Empire, and commanded a very powerful ship known as The Phantom, no doubt named after Farad who’s very name means Force Phantom in the assassin language.

Farad lead the siege on D’Quar after the group led them there, and while they lead the mission on the planet he headed the bombardment of the fleet and planet below.

The Fall of Farad

Farad was with the team when they daringly flew into the middle of the Yuuzhan Vongs fleet to attack the main HQ, and was also shot down onto Korriban along with with group.

After the initial crash he ran to help the sith and his emperor escape, but fell alongside his comrades to Grand Admiral Thrawns bombardment.

Farad Shapah

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