Elias Tynash

Father of Abin Reyas


Lightsaber special abilities: 1 rank in body guard | Does not crit when putting someone over wound threshold.




Elias is a paragon, a shining light from the Jedi Order. He has a strong morale compass and seeks to protect those around him. He also believes strongly in true Justice, not killing those who make mistakes, but working to redeem them.

Training With Yoda

Elias Tynash was found to be force sensitive at a very young age. His parents decided to send him to the Jedi Order to be trained. So leaving behind his homeworld of Telos, he went to Coruscant and learned at the helm of Master Yoda himself.

War Is Hell

He eventually became a powerful Jedi Knight, and fought for a time during the clone wars. He was instrumental in keeping the Twi’leks on Ryloth safe, during seperatist attacks.

He saw so many atrocities done to these poor people, that he started to feel extreme hatred towards the seperatists, and one day was given the oppertunity to attack a convoy that was carrying a leader of the Separatist movement.

He successfully took out his army of droids, but when he got close to take the man to the Jedi order, he gave way to his outrage and disgust, and killed the man in cold blood.

He feared he was slipping to the dark side.

It’s Better To Have Loved

He kept slowly slipping further and further into anger and hatred, until eventually he ran into a peace keeper there on Ryloth named Atris Viorne and quickly fell in love.

Even though he was told that love would lead to the dark side, he felt that Atris helped him to more strongly hold on to the light. Together with Atris, he quickly felt the hatred and anger melt away.

Leaving The Order

Elias eventually confronted his master, Yoda, about the subject. He never recieved an answer that made sense to him, and he argued with the Grand Master for hours.

Eventually he informed Yoda, that he would have to leave the order. He then assured his master, that his training was not for nothing, that he would continue to fight to defend those who were defenseless and that he would always think of himself as a Jedi.

He stayed stationed at Ryloth until the planet no longer needed his help.

Building Baohu

After the attacks on Ryloth lessened, Elias, together with Atris, went on a journey throughout the galaxy, to find crystals, inhibitors and metals that would help him to build a lightsaber that would never kill another being, but would always protect those who needed it.

The duo went from one end to another.

To Tatooine for it’s Krayt Dragon pearls

To Ilum, and the masters who watch over the crystal caves there, asking them for information on how to control the pearl.

To Bandomeer for Bandorium to create the inhibitors, electronic components and crystal housing.

Then finally to Despayre for the Quadanium Steel that would form the hilt of the saber. The same metal that would later be used on both Death Stars.

When the lightsaber was completed, he named it Baohu, which in the Twi’leks native tongue, Ryl, meant ‘Protector’.

In both honor of how his life changed defending the Twi’lek people and a reminder how he had lost his way there, and should always be a protector for the weak.

Back Home

The duo decided after that, to settle down back on Elias’ homeworld of Telos. They knew Telos would be the brunt of many attacks and raids, so the people there would need their help.

They spent the next year driving away all who would attack. At some point, Atris became pregnant, and left the fighting to Elias, for the time.

But one night Elias had a horrible dream the planet would be destroyed by Mandalorians.

The Tragic Tale of Elias and Atris Tynash

Before that could happen, Elias came up with the plan to give their child to The Orphanage. An organization known to train force sensitives. The couple knew it would be a horrible life, but nothing else could be done.

The mandalorians would no doubt have an easier time shooting them out of the sky, and at least at the academy they could have a fighting chance.

When the baby was born, that was when the Mandalorians attacked. Just a day after the vision.

After having the baby, the couple had to act fast. While Atris made the deal with The Orphanage rep that lived on the planet, Elias fought off waves of Mandalorians, until his wife returned with the news that it had been done.

Knowing his son was safe, he surrendered. He saw his wife shot, and then was stabbed through with a black bladed lightsaber at the hands of Naru Ordo.

Dead at the age of 32, Elias never got to name his son, or see him grow, but he knew that he, Atris and Baohu died protecting the weak.

Elias Tynash

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