Assassin Droid Pilot/Hunter



DR1V3R is the hunter droid that once belong to the late Slem Ji. He is an amazing hunter, has a large knowledge of creatures and planets and is an incredible pilot, as made obvious by his name.

DR1V3R is always looking to drive something, whether it’s a ship, a land speeder or even a throne.

Hunting With Slem

DR1V3R and Slem were members of the Hunters Guild, and would travel the galaxy hunting the rarest and most dangerous creatures they could find.

Traveling to the different guilds all across the galaxy, Slem used this to fund and guide his search for his brother, Noon Ji.


That was until everything changed, he and his owner were captured by Dantar. He threatened Slem that he would attack and ravage Glee Anselm should he not cooperate.

Slem, fearing for the life of his family and friends, agreed, and from then on became the tool Dantar used to capture the many creatures and people he collected for either his army or his biome collection.

Saving The Girl

DR1V3R played a pivotal role in the escape of Ayla Kadar at the behest of Allasar, her father.

His piloting skills were instrumental in getting her safely onto D’Qar’s surface without getting caught by the Resistance.

Setting up not just his rescue later on, but also the destruction of Dantar, and the saving of all the innocents who had been turned into Dantar’s Cyborg army.

Time For Rebellion

The group met DR1V3R in the forest biome on Allasars Flag Ship, he flew them, using his land speeder, out of the grasp of the Terrentetek that lived in the forest.

Later he and Slem would be required in order to defeat the powerful Dantar. After his defeat, Slem refused to leave Noon Ji’s side and so DR1V3R came along as well.

Trouble on Korriban

DR1V3R, along with Slem, was on the mission to end the Yuuzhan Vong War. When they were succesfull they were all shot down by Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Marooned on the surface of Korriban, things started to go horribly wrong. Aside from tempers flaring between Naracc, Tarfful and Zill, DR1V3R and Slem found themselves fighting a pack of Terrenteteks.

Normally a task they could easily complete, the 2 were shaken up from the events and the crash. DR1V3R found himself shut down by the amount of damage taken from the Terrentetek pack.

Slem Ji, from another mountain top, fired down upon the creatures, taking them all out.

That turned out to be the least of their problems.

Zill Kills Vol. 3

The Trandoshan, Naracc, made things go from bad to worse, when he murdered Tarfful, the adoptive father to Zill and chieftain of the Wookies.

This set into action, events that would kill not only Naracc, but his men, Marcus, Slem Ji and his brother Noon Ji.

DR1V3R, not knowing what else to do, with the death of his owner, continued to attack the last person Slem had shot, before running away for his life.

He would spend the next 2 years surviving the horrors of Korriban with Ven, Ayla Kadar and Kiki.

Getting Off Korriban

Eventually Zill would return, a changed man, with new friend Yundarr.

The reunited team would meet Junk and Hesh Vah, and would eventually get off the planet.

Murder In the Desert

While the group went to sell, buy and search for ways to make credits on Tatooine, DR1V3R stayed with the new ship, the Dirty Mynock.

He was listening for transmissions when a knock came at his ramp. It was 2 Galactic Order Crime Unit officers. They interrogated him about his friends, and a murder that had taken place.

During this interrogation, the 2 officers suddenly lost it and started to attack DR1V3R. He took them out non lethally and they ran off the ship.

Crazies Take Mos Eisley

After that, everything went insane. Crazed maniacs were everywhere, trying to attack the ship, climbing on it and trying to break in.

Despite having troubles with the ships unknown systems and strange security measures, DR1V3R managed to get all the insane people off his ship.

Eventually he would reunite with the team, and he would fly the ship as Ayla Kadar shot water towers in order to wake everyone up.


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