Dah Saief

Possible Force Hallucination





Dah Saief was once a force sensitive who sought to live by the Jedi Code.

He became a padawan, and quickly a knight, of Ryu Fisto’s Jedi order. On a scouting mission to Tatooine, he was captured by the fake Allasar, and added to the collection.

He spent months trying to escape, but, when Terenteteks were added to his large ecosystem cell, he was forced to focus on surviving and avoiding the force sensing creatures.

Meeting The Group

Abin, Ayla and Dr1v3r came upon Dah after finding themselves back in the forest biome of Allasar’s ship.

Deciding to journey to Dr1v3rs hut, they found that it was inhabbited and that someone had a fire going right outside.

Their initial meeting was awkward, yelling through the trees, but Dah eventually trusted them and followed them

Mysterious Disappearance

After defeating the Mecha Krayt Dragon, Allasar’s ship began to fall apart. After the group got off their floating hallway and on to the relative safety of the Mynock, they noticed the Jedi was no longer with them.

You Were Talking to Yourself

During their conversation with Siar Uundune, she revealed that she never saw a jedi, and that they seemed to be talking to themselves.

Hesh Vah used his expertise on the matter of force mental manipulation to guess that it was probably a force hallutionation by the Man In The Black Robe.

Dah Saief

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