Ayla Kadar

Cathar Assassin



Ayla is very much so the silent but deadly type. She often goes a whole conversation without saying a word but if the talking goes on too long, she may just start asking about killing the person wasting her time. Or worse, she may start flinging knives.

She has been clouded in mystery since the very beginning, and often it is hard to tell what her real motivations are.

Life Before The Memory Loss

Ayla was born to Allasar and Sadie Kadar. Allasar was was a scientist and inventor, while Sadie was a member of the Resistance, an Assassin who would do what needed to be done when the Resistance couldn’t be tied to it.

One day her mother went missing, never to return.

Eventually the 2, Allasar and Ayla were captured by twisted Cathar by the name of Dantar. He was a brutal warmonger, who loved to collect creatures, sentient and otherwise, and watch them.

He sought to build an army for himself, and forced Allasar into doing his bidding, turning people into mindless cyborg warriors.

He kept Ayla confined, and threatened to kill her should Allasar refuse. Allasar convinced the Nautolan hunter that Dantar used, Slem Ji, to stage an escape by Ayla. Slem Ji, afraid of retribution from Dantar, and dying before reuniting with his brother, insisted Ayla’s memory be wiped should she return or be recaptured.

Allasar agreed, wiping away all but her name, and getting Slem to drop her off on the Resistance stronghold of D’Qar.

A Mysterious Meeting

When Ayla woke up, she was next to a strange group who were as confused about her, as she was of them. She had no memory aside from her name and skills as a killer.

Killing Dantar

Ayla and her friends were eventually found again by Dantar, captured, and tested throughout the biomes of his ship.

When Ayla was confronted by Dantar, who pretended to be Allasar her father, she was conflicted and turned on her friends for a moment.

Eventually she managed to calm herself, and fought alongside her new friends to destroy her ‘father’.

Reunion With Her Father

After killing Dantar, she was reunited with the real Allasar, her true father. He took out the chip that was blocking her memories, and she once again remembered her loving parents, and all her experiences she had throughout life.

Allasar Missing

During a visit to Allasar, Ayla’s new found ally Hesh Vah was captured and taken aboard Allasar’s ship.

After a number of strange occurances, and near death experiences, safe aboard their ship, the long survivor of the destruction, a togrutan named Siar Uundune explained that Allasar had been taken, and was seemingly under the control of a man in a black robe, one who had attacked them not a week earlier.

Because of her quiet nature, it is unknown how she feels of this, but no doubt she will be looking to kill this man, whether because he took her father, or just for the thrill of the hunt.

Ayla Kadar

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