Abin Reyas

Human Force Sensitive ; Formerly Zill Almuftara



Formerly, when known as Zill Almuftara (which means Shadow Predator), he was an assassin with no problem killing a man, threatening his family or chopping off some limbs.

He would freely give in to his anger and lack of patience, and even believed himself fit to rule the galaxy.

He has started a path to redemption, and now seeks to protect both his friends, and all those in the galaxy.

He will not kill, and he tries to avoid situations where other will kill or be killed.

Time At The Orphanage

Abin was raised at an Orphanage that trained force sensitives to be assassins specifically to be sold to gangsters and organizations who could use such specially trained individuals for protection or assassinations.

He quickly rose to be one of the top children, and was eventually chosen as one of the 4 to be sold to the Hutt Cartel

Crashing on Kashyyyk

The 4 children attacked the crew, causing it to crash onto the surface of the nearby planet of Kashyyyk. 3 of the children survived, including Abin, but the other 2 were very injured and eventually succomed to their wounds.

Abin, then 10 years old, did what he had to do to survive. He doesn’t speak of it, and no one really knows how long he was down in the shadowlands of Kashyyyk before he was found, but he was eventually found by some wookies who were down there hunting.

Raised Until Order 66

One of those wookies, Tarfful, would raise him as his own, and they would become like father and son.

Later on in life, Tarfful would even take Abin with him to rescue Chewbacca from Trandoshan captivity on their home planet.

When he became of age, Tarfful gave Abin a custom bowcaster, and sent him off to the other side of Kashyyyk to pass the wookie trials.

It was during these trials that he saw some clones loading up a ship. He approached them and after a short time with them they suddenly attacked him.

Abin managed to take out 2 of them before finally being stunned out, and taken off planet. The next thing he remembered, he was in a Hutt prison facility, a place he would stay for a long time, before escaping.

Rescued By The Most Unlikely People

Abin managed to escape the prison, by growing his toe nail to abnormal lengthn to use as a tool and weapon. But was quickly recaught by Tau’grel The Hutt’s right hand gal, Veelo Ordo.

Seemed he was going back to prison until Veelo and her thugs were attacked by Resistance diplomats who came to make a deal with the Hutts.

They managed to chase her off, and Abin would join a crew that he would be a part of for years to come.

Not His Chosen Path

Abin, fought alongside the group, even though he cared nothing about the Resistance and even less about the Jedi and their beliefs.

He learned the true powers he had within him, and was trained a bit more in the art of lightsaber combat by Ryu Fisto.

But he was much more brutal, careless and emotionless then a normal jedi or member of the Resistance. This would eventually lead him and his friends down a dark path.

Overtaken By The Dark Side

Abin would eventually lead the group away from the Resistance and the light side.

They would be kicked out of the Resistance due to capturing, interrogating and kidnapping General Tiundi Lottari, and because of their reckless behavior, and affinity for taking lives.

They would be kicked out of the new Jedi Order they had helped create, and would even kill their own teach, Ryu Fisto.

They would Join The New Sith Empire, and lead them to attacking and destroying D’Qar along with most of the Resistance.

A Puppet Of The Dark Side

This would eventually culminate in Abin completely losing it, when his supposed ‘friend’ Naracc killed his adoptive father Tarfful.

Abin would lose control and the death count that day would be very high.

At the end of his fall to the dark side, the names of his former friends and allies who had fallen to his lightsaber would include General Tiundi Lottari, Marek Arendis, Ryu Fisto, Naracc and all his men, Marcus, Noon Ji and Slem Ji.

He believed there should be no dark and light side, and that as long as you used it for good, the dark side could be a tool. But he himself had become a tool of it.

Son of the Fallen Chief

After that, he went into exile for 2 years. 6 months in he met a Wookie named Yundarr, and the two began to bond and become close friends.

After 2 years, he returned to his friends and the scene of his great fall. He showed great regret towards his actions, and vowed never to do so again. He changed his name from Zill Almuftara to Abin Reyas. (which means Son of Chief, in honor of Tarfful)

He started himself down a path to redemption, and even though had done so for years, he had a long path in front of him.

Learning of his True Parents

A surprise visit from Yoda, sent Abin on a trip to Telos, to find out the truth behind his parents.

There he recieved a vision of his fathers, Elias Tynash, last moments. He saw that both he and his mother Atris Tynash died protecting him as a new born, and gave him to The Orphanage as a last resort.

His parents were killed by Mandalorians, specifically the mother of Veelo Ordo, Naru Ordo.

After this, he heard a message left for him by his father, and recieved his lightsaber, Baohu and his armor.

A Puppet of The Dark Side, No More Are You

Yoda explained to Abin throughout this, that the reason he could not channel the light side, was because his connection had been cut. He had been a puppet of the dark side for too long.

Being connected with his father during the vision, feeling his connection to the force, along with his changes he had making and holding his fathers lightsaber, these things returned his connection to the lightside, and once again put Abin back on the path to the lightside.

Your Mother Killed My Parents

It would not be long before Abin would face Veelo Ordo again. The woman who he once wanted killed, how much more so would he want this knowing her mother killed his parents?

Abin showed great restraint by rendering her unconscious, and even stopping the bloodshed by offering her back to the Mandalorians in exchange for their leaving.

Abin Reyas

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