The Corrupting Darkness

End of a Campaign - Best Moments

So our campaign is done for now as we go back in time to play another group living during these times.

I thought it would be cool to go over the top 5 moments of the campaign! These are either the funniest, most influential or just most epic moments in my personal opinion.

5. Just Keep Digging

After finding a new ally of sorts in the Trandoshan hired gun, Naracc, the team found themselves outnumbered by Veela and her Mandalorians.

With no where to run, the team lightsabered and clawed their way down through the floors.

If they hadn’t gotten the chance to use an elevator, who knows how long they would have been digging down through the 50 floor tower.

A moment so memoral, Yoda would use it to help the PCs save themselves from Kylo Ren

4. Kidnapping Undies

Zills suspicions about the General Tiundi Lottari had reached a breaking point.

Assuming he was the cause of the resistances problems, Zill spied on him and intended to question him.

Until the unknowing Noon Ji called him up on his comm, giving up Zills position, and leading to the team kidnapping of the bothan general and eventual expulsion from both the resistance and Jedi Order.

That call by Noon Ji is possibly the most campaign changing action that was made.

3. Wait….Aren’t You Blind?!?

After a brutal battle with Tsar Ren, the blinded Zill alongside the armless Farad and the rest of the beat up team jump into a landspeeder to escape the chasing storm troopers.

No one wants to pilot so Zill jumped in the pilot seat and takes off. After they enter a forest, Noon Ji has a sudden realization.

WAIT! Aren’t you blind.” The crash afterwards was all the answer that was needed.

2. The day the resistance died

After leaving the resistance, the team decided to join the Sith Empire, originally planning to take them out from the inside before learning of the impending Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

When they arrived on Korriban, Tal Remnar would only allow them to join if they betrayed the location of the resistance and help them capture General Solo Organa before the planet is destroyed.

This action led to the destruction of D’Qar, their personally killing Po Dameron, Marek Arendis, Tiundi Lottari and leading to the death of Leia, akbar and a large amount of resistance soldiers.

Their fall to their dark side was this complete.

1. Civil War on Korriban

After defeating the Yuuzhan Vong, the team was betrayed by Grand Admiral Thrawn and shot down onto Korriban for 2 years.

Originally I planned to skip this time, but thankfully I decided to play some of it.

The dark side effected our team, and a mysterious voice lulled our strings, leading to a massive fight amongst our selves.

In the end Naracc, Noon Ji, Slem Ji, Marcus and his men all lay on the floor dead.

The coolest moment ever for me! That you guys would go so far in your role play.

So good



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